CareSource 2020 Stakeholder Report
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Preparing for Challenges

Beyond Imagination

In 2019, few people could have imagined a world economy brought to its knees by a health care crisis. Nobody could have predicted United States unemployment rates approaching those of The Great Depression or the unprecedented surge in Medicaid enrollees.

But from the very beginning, CareSource has been a stable and certain partner for our members when their lives have been the most uncertain.

As a nonprofit organization, CareSource has always been uniquely focused on circumstances far beyond the health care of our members. We address the complicated factors in their lives that affect their health and their opportunity to succeed, from their jobs and education to childcare and transportation. We don’t just help them find a doctor or a hospital. We help them find their way to a life of greater independence and self-sufficiency.

The last year reminds us that every person’s life can change in a heartbeat. That’s why we remain committed to guiding our members through that darkness with empathy, compassion and health care with heart.

Expanding Our Reach

In 2019, CareSource took important steps to expand the world of health care for our members. We forged new partnerships to help open doors for opportunity. We extended our footprint into new geographies and new populations. We also intensified our efforts to serve special populations that are often the most vulnerable with the highest needs. Key highlights included:


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