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Life Services

Going The Extra Mile

To Achieve Self-Sufficiency

If our members have a poor quality of life, they will likely have poor health, too. When they gain a steady job and economic stability, they also gain better access to health care, financial empowerment and, ultimately, self-sufficiency.

To that end, the CareSource Life Services® program is uniquely devoted to addressing the social determinants of our members’ health.

The centerpiece of CareSource Life Services is an ambitious and collaborative outreach called CareSource JobConnect. Through JobConnect, our members are assigned life coaches who work with the participants on issues related to job search, employer access and support services. These coaches remain engaged for up to 24 months with the goal of fostering job retention and advancement. Meanwhile, the program’s “no wrong door” model connects our members to other community resources and programs, including education, food and nutrition, housing and transportation.

In 2019, CareSource engaged Health Management Associates, a national consulting firm, to assess the program’s impact. The study confirmed statistically what we have known anecdotally for some time: JobConnect has been a “win-win” for both Medicaid beneficiaries and taxpayers. For our members, it provides greater self-reliance and considerable incremental purchasing power. For our state partners, it offers lower Medicaid spending and increased tax revenue. By getting our individual members back to work, we’re making a significant difference in the larger community.

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CareSource JobConnect
Breaking Down Employment Barriers

  • Leverages an integrated traditional health care model and an industry-leading social determinants of health program, which re-envisions CareSource’s role in our members’ lives

  • Provides individualized risk assessment, case management and coaching assistance to stabilize members by addressing their specific health and social obstacles before attaining and retaining long-term employment and self-sufficiency

  • Partners with employers over the long-term to provide a pipeline of work-ready candidates for real-world positions and to support employee advancement for 24 months post-hire

JobConnect Consumer Impacts

No comparable program in America is yielding these kinds of results.

New Spending in the Georgia economy (Annualized)
resulting from increased purchasing power of JobConnect Program Participants
Members Who Have Interacted with CareSource Life Services
Employer Partners
Average Hourly Wage (45% higher than Federal Minimum Wage)
Members Who Have Retained Employment