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President’s Letter

A Letter from the President & CEO

by Erhardt H. L. Preitauer

There are times in society that define us as people and as a company. These are those times. To say that the world experienced revolutionary change in 2020 is an understatement. As if the health toll of a global pandemic wasn’t enough to endure, over 40 million Americans also filed new unemployment claims. Now, aside from their health care, many face insecurity and instability in their jobs, housing and access to food and education. Yet, while so many aspects of this health crisis are totally unprecedented, CareSource has had operational precedents in place for years to rise to these kinds of challenges.

Our ongoing pursuit of excellence led us to improve our foundational capabilities in 2019, providing us the tools to meet the pandemic head on. We continue to strive to improve even more to take on whatever may come next.

You will see it in the emphasis we placed on studying the social determinants of our members’ lives, and our programs like JobConnect that help them regain valuable independence. It’s undeniable in our extended commitment to high-acuity complex populations like dual special needs members and foster children. And it’s evident in the investments we made in infrastructure to further enhance our operational excellence.

Today, these kinds of enhancements help us look beyond the traditional health care model to find new and more meaningful ways to reach out to our members, our providers, our government partners and our employees. They also provide the scalability to expand beyond our current members and existing markets and get us ready for the next challenge. We are ready for growth, expansion and continued innovation.

In the future, I envision a better, more efficient managed care model. It will continue to move value-based care/pay forward in a model that will create greater collaboration that helps providers focus on improved health outcomes and state and federal partners focus on controlling costs. At the same time—true to our mission—we will make a lasting difference in the lives of our members in more places, in more ways than ever, at a time in our history when it’s never been more important.

In 2019, CareSource dedicated our efforts and our energy into building a company that was prepared for today. Now, we’re called to reach beyond our past accomplishments, beyond normal expectations, beyond what anyone could have anticipated, to meet the new challenges of these unprecedented times.

We promise that we will lead that charge boldly and from the heart.