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Medicare Advantage

Expanding Medicare Coverage

Beyond Expectations

For years, CareSource has offered Medicare Advantage plans to allow our members to expand their Medicare and prescription benefits for a reasonable price. The supplemental coverage offers peace of mind for older Americans at a time when their health care costs traditionally escalate.

But, with our focus on helping the most vulnerable populations, we also recognize special needs members who require significantly more from their Medicare coverage. In 2019, CareSource introduced Dual Advantage, a $0 premium dual special needs plan (DSNP) for those who are eligible for both Medicare and Medicaid.

Our Dual Advantage members often have unique health circumstances and need extra help to improve their quality of life. Some have cognitive or mental disorders. Some require help from in-home care providers or social services. But all require extra attention to their health care.

CareSource Dual Advantage™ gives our members the benefits they need to live their best lives.

Understanding Our Members Beyond the Paperwork

For our members trying to manage complex health conditions while balancing both Medicare and Medicaid benefits, CareSource understands that special populations require special attention. For dual eligible members, cookie-cutter solutions cannot apply. They need a team of living, breathing, caring human beings to champion their cause.

When Maria visited a CareSource information booth at a Columbus, Ohio community celebration last summer, Community Education Representative Karen knew immediately that she needed this kind of specialized guidance. Maria faced a number of challenges. She was on a limited monthly income and barely making ends meet in a low-income senior community. She was feeling poorly and had limited support from family and friends. And she was confused and overwhelmed trying to coordinate her Medicare and Medicaid benefits.

Maria learned firsthand that our consultative and collaborative approach to member care could specialize a plan for her unique needs.

From that initial meeting, three members of our CareSource team would collaborate with a caseworker from Job and Family Services to enroll Maria in CareSource Dual Advantage and find a doctor less than five miles away. Now, she receives proper medical and dental coverage, and even transportation to appointments. For any other assistance, she knows that her dedicated Care Manager is always available, too. Maria is exactly the kind of person who could have been lost in a fog of confusing paperwork and bureaucracy. But, she’s also exactly the kind of person we strive to help the most.

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