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Unconditional Love

When Clayton and Julie decided to become foster parents, they opened their hearts to any challenges. And the challenges were plenty. Their first child, Xavier, needed to be weaned off drug exposure. Their second child, Nicolas, was born with a birth injury. Both have had a host of special care needs since.

But they found a care partner in CareSource that not only understood their unique challenges, but also worked with them to anticipate their future needs.

We are keenly aware of the unique communication challenges and care obstacles with foster children. That’s why CareSource has developed specialized regionally-based teams for care management of foster children and children with special care needs. And we partner with a variety of like-minded agencies to collaboratively find the best possible outcomes for each child. When Clayton and Julie have a question, we are here with an answer. We have surrounded them with coordinated support because we genuinely care about creating healthy beginnings that last a lifetime.

“That’s really what good insurance does,” explains Clayton. “It allows you to focus on things that are more important.”

    CareSource has regionally-based staff specialized in caring for children within special populations including those who are in foster care. Our team is devoted to the care management of foster children and children with special health care needs. Our staff is very familiar with the unique communication needs and processes with this population.

Personal photos used by permission, taken prior to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Young boy on playground equipment