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Dual Eligible / MyCare Ohio

Redefining Independence

For Dual Eligible Members

If a CareSource member is eligible for both Medicaid and Medicare, it’s likely that both their health history and the coordination of their health care are complex. It’s the very reason that some insurers steer away from these special populations. It’s also the very reason that we are drawn in.

CareSource specializes in special populations with complex care needs.

Our CareSource MyCare Ohio plan is popular with our members because it skillfully provides primary, acute behavioral health and long-term health care. It’s also equally well-received by their caregivers, who appreciate the convenience of managing both Medicaid and Medicare with one plan.

Working with a dedicated care manager reduces paperwork, extra phone calls and confusion. And a 24-hour medical advice line and transportation services help ease the burden of caregiving. This team approach to managing care puts our dual eligible member at the center of attention at a time when many feel lost in the cracks.

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More COVERAGE for Members

The CareSource MyCare Ohio plan coordinates the benefits of Medicaid and Medicare to:

  • Increase the quality of member care.
  • Improve member health.
  • Reduce overall health care spending and reduce cost.

Since launching the CareSource MyCare Ohio program, CareSource has had the highest voluntary enrollment among other dual eligible plans in the regions we served—more than ALL other plans combined.